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Vision Insurance

Vision plans with value that's easy to see.

HealthMarkets Insurance Agency makes it easy to get a low cost vision plan that fits your individual needs and your budget. Choose from an array of benefit options that include access to network providers that can help keep the cost of your care affordable. We can help you find the coverage you need at no additional cost to you.

Choose from plan options that offer coverage for eye exams and lenses as well as in-network discounts for vision related products and services.

Your vision plan can help you pay for:

Eye exams

Eyewear and contact lenses

Vision correction procedures

Example of what a vision plan FitScore recommendation looks like

What is a FitScore?

The FitScoreTM is the quick, easy way to maximize your benefits and save money. After answering a few short questions about your vision insurance needs, HealthMarkets searches thousands of plans from leading insurance companies to provide a customized list of the right options for you.

The higher the FitScore, the closer the plan is to your ideal match.

It’s quick, easy, and helps ensure that you’re satisfied with the plan you choose.

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